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My first food porn – Carrot Red Pepper Mint Soup from ExtraVeganZa.

In the interests of improving my food photography before VeganMoFo, I think…

  • I need better light. (I didn’t finish making it until 6pm, at which point it was getting dark… I think for the next few weeks I’ll stick to photographing breakfasts and lunches, on weekends.);
  • I should have ironed that pillowcase, or found something else to use as a background, because you can see the creases in it;
  • I should decide on the angle I’m going to use before deciding on the garnishes. I had the mint leaves all laid out nicely and you can’t really see them properly in the photo.
  • I need an image editing program that isn’t Paint.
  • Carrot soup is really not the most photogenic thing anyway.

… But overall, I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, especially for a first try.

Just this evening I was looking over all the food photos at VeganYumYum, trying to decide what she did to make her photos so beautiful, and lo and behold – Lolo has posted a food photography tutorial. I’m off to read it now.


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